“Lighting is everything. It creates mood and has an emotional effect on you.”

Zak Bagans

Why make the switch to LED?

Are you currently thinking about changing or updating the lighting system in your office or business in order to make annual savings on your energy bills as well as to make a positive impact on reducing your carbon footprint? If so then you might now be looking at a range commercial LED lighting quotes to see if this makes sense for your business or office. Here are a few things for you to consider before you make your decision.

The first thing to bear in mind when you are investigating commercial LED lighting quotes is that LED lighting systems are far more expensive to buy than conventional commercial lighting systems. In fact you might ne looking at paying eight times as much for LED bulbs than conventional bulbs. This, in fact, may put many people off making the switch to LED lighting. However, against high initial outlay this you need to consider the very significant annual savings that can be made by using LED lights. In fact you should be able to recoup your initial outlay on the system well within inside the first year of having it installed and then start to make significant savings.

Because LED (light emitting diodes) systems are more efficient in converting electricity into lighting you will soon see your electricity bills begin to fall quite dramatically. In fact it is estimated that, on average, commercial LED lighting systems are up to a staggering 80% more efficient to use than conventional systems. In addition to this LED lighting is far more durable than using conventional bulbs, with a typical LED light bulb lasting up to 50 times longer. This also means that you will be making a saving on the replacement of dead bulbs. This is because LED lights are solid-state and this means that they have no moving parts.

Another thing to consider when looking at commercial LED lighting quotes is that LED lighting systems have the substantial advantage over florescent and compact florescent bulbs. This is because, unlike these types of bulbs, they do not contain mercury which is, of course, harmful to the environment. In fact florescent bulbs have to be disposed of safely according to government regulations, a fact which in itself can be a costly process. With LED lights they can simply be thrown out when they no longer work.

This also means that unlike florescent bulbs they will not have any of that annoying flickering when they are turned on that you often get with florescent bulbs.

It is also important to remember as well that you are not restricted to simply one type of bulb or lighting system when it comes to LEDs. This is because LED lights come in a variety of sizes, models as well as different hues depending upon the particular lighting needs of your business or office. In fact LED lights will typically provide you with a natural light as opposed to the often harsh lighting that is produced by fluorescents.

New Construction

AVO Lighting is your single source supplier for LED Lighting products. As a national distributor of LED Lighting solutions, we are able to leverage our purchasing power to provide our customers with cost-effective and competitively-priced LED Lighting products, and provide those products in an easy and efficient manner.

LED Retrofits & Project Management

The prospect of converting and upgrading to LED lighting can be a daunting one. It is vital to have a firm understanding of the existing lighting conditions, and an even greater understanding of the desired outcome of a project. Whether your focus is energy efficiency, reduction of maintenance costs, or an improvement in the performance and quality of your lighting, AVO Energy has the tools and experience to facilitate the process.

Performance Consulting

AVO Lighting’s team of Lighting Specialist will help in the design of your lighting projects.  With our ability to provide products from dozens of LED Manufacturers, we can deliver the photometric layouts to ensure that our design team is meeting your project’s energy and performance requirements.

Renovation Services

For Renovation projects we focus on helping our customers manage the process of obtaining the right products for the right projects.  Whether it is supplying products from multiple manufacturers or managing orders from a single supplier, our Team focuses on managing your inventory and logistical needs to make sure your timeline and budget requirements.